Free Canadawide shipping on orders over $50! Plus free sample bar in ever order :)
  • Six Unpackaged bandha bars

    We want to be the most environmentally sustainable energy bar company in the world! We are glad to have loyal customers who regularly buy bandha bars unpackaged. You save $.50 per bar and we package your order using our supply of reused reusable containers. It can be available for pick up or we can mail it to you. If you select the mail option and you live in the HRM we will bike deliver them to you, regardless of the time of year. 

    If you pick them up they are also TAX FREE!

    Unpackaged bandha bars will keep for one month or longer out of your fridge or for 3-6 months in your fridge or freezer. They don`t really go bad, they just lose flavour over time. Help save the world, one good choice at a time :)


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